I've forgotten how to deal with your effects
I listen to the same song over and over again
And this emptiness inside of me won't subside
No matter how much I try to fill the void you left

Singing aloud to the naked, dirty walls
I only get echo as an answer
I want you to hear my voice
When I scream the words I'll never say
When I scream your name in the middle of the night
And my body rises from my bed
As if from its own grave
Shuddering and trembling, weak and powerless
Forgotten how to breathe

Feels like drowning
Everything's so damp
And I gasp desperately for air
And dig my nails into the mattress
Back arched against such a deep wave
Of feelings caused by the mere memory of you

Finally I let myself drop
Tired, sweaty, exhausted,
And drift slowly into sleep
Knowing we'll meet again soon enough
Even if it's only in my dreams

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