Undisclosed Message

I've been in love with you.
I've been briefly, astoundingly, awesomely,
Breathtakingly, even,
In love with you.
But it's over now.
It is over, indeed; and yet you never knew it.

There are few things sadder than a love that dies untouched,
Most of which I cannot even begin to name
As their names are such mysteries to me.

It feels like some sort of uncanny pain,
An imaginary wound on a limb that never was,
Or ceased to be long ago,
And that which hurts the most is that
It died and you never really knew it.

I've nearly lost my faith in all that's good
And suffered through days endless,
Cried myself to sleep countless nights,
All in the silence of my dark room,
But it just passed you through like a breeze.

I loved you dearly
In such a way as you
Most probably have never been loved before.
But it only lasted a couple of days,
And now it is gone.
And I feel free.
And yet...

It hurts me that you never knew it,
And, even though its time has passed,
I hope that now you do.